Modern Smart Conference Rooms

Do you need help designing your conference room? Robb.Tech can help you determine which audio visual technology to use in order to ensure that it is used to its fullest extent. Are you prepared for hybrid meetings? Is there technology you should include in your conference room?

With cloud-based video conferencing systems (like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet) widely available, video conferencing is ubiquitous. It’s easy to connect people anywhere via video conferencing, and you can use your conference room display and audio system to link those separated by distance during hybrid meetings and display content such as presentations, spreadsheets, videos, and more.

Conference rooms often require a display or projector to present information, typically from a laptop or computer for presentations or team meetings. A digital interactive display or projector, such as a SMART Board or EPSON Brightlink, is a fantastic option because it allows you to brainstorm and whiteboard digitally, making it simple to save and share meeting notes. There is a plethora of excellent HD and 4k choices, 3D options, interactive boards, and more. As hybrid meetings become more and more important, many organizations may install two displays in order to show remote participants on one panel and shared content on the other.

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